Every day we see the power of community: bringing together individuals who want to overcome a barrier with those who want to help out.

Our volunteers get as much from the process as do participants.

There’s a wide age-range of people sharing their talents via our charitable societies, from students through to retirees, and all sorts of skills and backgrounds. What’s common is people sharing something they love – access to leisure, social or employment opportunities – and a belief that communities can be fair and accessible. Contact us to talk more about opportunities.

Volunteer with two young children in sailboat.

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Terry Leblanc using "sip puff" method on Martin-15 Sailboat.

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ASABC Volunteer Positions

Land Volunteer:
  • Daily upkeep of sail boats (no sailing experience required)
  • Rigging of sail boats
  • Help with getting our participants into the boats out on the water and back onto land
Sailing Companion:
  • Must be a qualified sailor and will be passed by our head instructor
  • Take our participants on sails
  • Use a two-way radio
  • Know water safety
Maintenance Crew:
  • Upkeep of equipment
  • Winterization of the boats at the end of the sailing season.
  • Administration
  • Special events
  • Help with Regattas, children’s events, special barbeques, community displays

For more information about volunteering, please contact Sheryl Newman, Volunteer Management Coordinator at volunteer@disabilityfoundation.org or by phone at (778) 945-8823.