Stars on the Water

Supporting the health & independence of people with disabilities

Did you know you can have your business’s name and logo seen by thousands of people a day, all while providing sailing opportunities for children, youth, and adults with disabilities?

That’s right, The Adaptive Sailing Association of BC is offering a unique opportunity for select businesses to showcase their name and logo across English Bay from May to September through our Stars on the Water sponsorship program.



Name or logo prominently displayed on a Martin 16 hull and main sail. Recognition in Discover Newsletter.



Name or logo prominently displayed on a jib (the triangular sail up front). Recognition in Discover Newsletter.



Custom decal with name or logo on a Martin 16 hull. Recognition in Discover Newsletter.

ASABC can prominently display your logo on one of our eight Martin 16 Sail Boats for as little as $1,500 a year.

As a “Sailing Star,” your business will be seen by thousands of people swimming, boating, and playing in Vancouver’s beautiful English Bay. You will be helping us meet the rising demand for our adaptive sailing program for children and adults with physical disabilities.

The ASABC provides over 1,000 sails annually, using our fleet of eight adaptive Martin 16 boats. The ASABC creates extraordinary experiences as our sailor progresses to solo and competitive sailing. Regardless of their physical ability, our technology provides safe, independent sailing.

Consider being a Star on the Water, today.

For more information about these opportunities, or to support ASABC in other ways, please contact:
Joy Hayden, Development Lead
604.512.2483 or