Race Club

Sunday Race Club at Jericho Beach is for our experienced sailors. If you have a competitive nature and want to compete against friends, Race Club is a lot of fun! Every non-regatta Sunday between May 1 and September 4, 2022, races will be conducted in English Bay north of the Jericho Sailing Centre. For further information, please contact the Centre Association at 604-224-4177 or dominique@jsca.bc.ca or andrei@jsca.bc.ca.  

One Sunday every month, the Adaptive Sailing Association of BC has a Race Club event. These are for experienced sailors with disabilities who want to compete and race for the win. Race club usually starts at 11 AM, and you’re on the water until 3 PM, competing multiple times against your fellow sailors.  

Race Club is for high-level sailors who can sail solo, or if they are sailing with a companion, they must know how to navigate the boat independently. 


The Jericho Sailing Centre and ASABC offer numerous regattas, enabling clients to race against fellow sailors to compete for a trophy. Sailboat racing is not about your physical ability but your understanding of how to operate a boat (and your will to win!).  

Integration Regatta: 

The Integration Regatta brings together four top-level adapted sailors from ASABC and four non-adapted sailors from the False Creek Yacht Club in a friendly competition to showcase their skills. Participants in this regatta are chosen by ASABC staff based on demonstrated racing skills. This regatta has proven that there is no disability when you’re in a sailboat; many times, ASA sailors have beaten their non-disabled competitors!  

The Andy Hunt Celebrational Regatta: 

This is a two-day course racing regatta for all Jericho style sail craft in memory of long time Jericho racer and volunteer Andy Hunt. Andy worked tirelessly on a volunteer basis to share his love of sail boat racing and get as many people on the race course as possible. This regatta will take place on July 23rd and July 24th and will have an emphasis on participation. For more information or to register, email info@jsca.bc.ca 

Cascadia Regatta: 

Sailors compete for the Peter Jefferson Cascadia Cup every August in the Cascadia Regatta. It’s the perfect time to showcase the skills you’ve been working on all summer. Participants are selected based on skill and overall race club participation. This regatta is a superb lead-up to the Mobility Cup.  

Mobility Cup: 

The Mobility Cup is one of the largest international regattas and attracts sailors worldwide. Since its inception in 1991, sailors from Vancouver have always been contenders for the gold and silver fleet titles. The Mobility Cup is a great way to showcase your club and your skills, have fun, and make friends.  

Gold fleet is for those who can independently sail the boat.  

Silver fleet is for those who have a love of sailing but need a little bit of assistance from their companion. 

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If you plan to participate as a sailor, or as a volunteer, please complete the appropriate form below, and bring it with you on your first visit.

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