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World-renowned yacht designer and manufacturer, Don Martin of Richmond, BC designed the sailboat used in the ASABC fleet with the needs of people with disabilities at top of mind.

The Martin 16 is a breakthrough in small boat design. The weighted keel makes it a very safe boat for people with severe disabilities. The high lift keel makes the boat very stable, trailer launching is simple, and the boat can be easily rigged by one person.

Martin 16 Specs

Length overall: 16 ft. 0 ins. (4.9 m)
Beam: 4 ft. 4 ins. (1.21 m)
keel up: 1 ft. 4 ins. (0.40 m)
keel down: 3 ft. 4 ins. (1.0 m)
Ballast (lead): 330 lbs (150 kg)
Sail area:
100 sq ft (9.50 sqM)
Mast height:20 ft. (6.15 m)
Crew: 1-2 persons

The inherent stability of the boat, along with the adjustable seating and specialized control systems make the Martin 16 truly accessible to all physically challenged sailors. It is also a lively performance boat for able-bodied sailors; this promotes ASABC’s goal of integrated sailing for recreation and competition.

Whether for a recreational sail or in competition, the Martin 16 is easily managed by one person with any level of physical ability with a narrow, easily-driven hull that provides impressive performance and excellent responsiveness. Stability and adjustable seating with specialized control systems and the simplicity of use makes the Martin 16 an ideal program boat that can accommodate up to three individuals at one time.